I am a Byzantine Catholic monk at Holy Resurrection Monastery, an Eastern (Byzantine) Catholic Monastery located in St. Nazianz, WI. Many years before becoming a monk I remember saying "If I believed that Jesus was God I would want to become a monk." Here I am! God lead me to Holy Resurrection Monastery and has given me the gift of a great community. Instead of making Hip Hop music, as I did in the past, I am now chanting beautiful Byzantine hymns. Every once in a while I still manage to write a verse or kick a freestyle!
Since joining Holy Resurrection Monastery, I have done many different things in the community. These include baking (sweets and breads), running the gift shop, working as guest master of our retreat house, cleaning, and often leading the choir (among other jobs). I've even given a few talks.
Travel with me, as I share insights from my reading, Church services, glimpses of the monastic life, a bit of humor, reflections, and the joys and struggles of everyday life. These will usually come in 'bite size' posts so that we (*cough* myself first and foremost) slow down and digest information prayerfully.
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