Stop, smell the roses, and glorify God!

Up until a few hours ago, I knew what I was going to post as my next blog entry (that is, this blog entry).  As I stood outside before Liturgy, getting a breath of fresh air, something happened that changed my mind.

You know the phrase ‘stop and smell the roses’, right?    As I was by the door, a few guests approached the monastery.  It was dreary and raining.  I was standing under an overhang so as not to get wet.  The guests, two women who often come for Liturgy, began to get excited.  They noticed some flowers that were blooming.  Not worrying about the rain, they both hurried over to the flowers, bent down and smelled them.  They were like children, such happiness, at seeing and smelling these flowers.  They literally stopped and smelled the flowers, and it gave them great joy.  It wasn’t complicated but it was profound.

 Sometimes clichés are true; maybe even often.

Seeing these women rejoicing at God’s creation made me rejoice.  I had to stop for a few minutes after and marinate in what I had just seen.  I needed to stop and smell the flowers.  My flowers weren’t, as their case, literally flowers.  The flowers that I had to stop and smell was that experience.  Even hours later, as I write this, I’m rejoicing in it and thanking God for the gift of getting to see that.

In a society that is always in a rush, we need to stop and smell the flowers more often.

We need to rejoice more!

Let’s give glory to God for all sorts of marvelous things we encounter!

In spiritual reading, virtues are often described as being sweet smelling.  Virtues are to flowers.  We should stop and smell the flowers, that is notice the virtues.  We can become accustomed to noticing the negative and not the positive.  Instead of complaining all the time about the negative, let’s rejoice in the positive.  Let’s smell the roses of a kind or virtuous act.

When someone opens the door for another person?  Instead of just going on about our day, let’st rejoice.  When we see someone being prudent, let’s thank God.   When can simply hear someone encouraging someone else and we can give thanks and be happy.

We don’t need to wait for the big things to be thankful!

If we can learn to recognize these small things, prayers of gratitude will pour forth from our hearts towards God.  We just need to stop and take the time to acknowledge them.

Sometimes we make simple things overly complicated.  Let’s enjoy the simple acts of goodness, the virtues, and God’s beautiful creation.

What have you experienced today that was worth stopping and giving thanks?

How can you ‘stop and smell the roses’?

Pray for me.

I’ll pray for you.

Br. Isaac

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